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Rethinking travel with intelligent operations

Make bold moves with intelligent travel operations

Make bold moves with intelligent travel operations

Travel is coming back. To make bold moves —at the right cost, travel players must improve their operations to become future-ready. Find out how.

It’s time to reinvent the way travel does business

Create an insight-rich organization

With intelligent operations, data drives strategies and approaches for complex commercial decisions, and automates operational decision-making.

Increase your revenue

Optimize your fixed asset base by automating deployment analytics, augmenting revenue management, marketing and corporate sales processes.

Improve your operational efficiency

Identify opportunities for continuous improvement, so your assets and people can deliver exceptional experiences without adding cost or effort.

Build a future-ready culture

Support your people with consistent access to strategic insights—and become an efficient, flexible company that is focused on growth.

Travel intelligent operations solutions


Disruption avoidance, management and recovery

Automating recovery decisions to shift crews, fleets and passengers when disruptions happen can save up to 5% in total operating cost.

Labor planning and optimization

Forecast demand and streamline work for crew, ground handling, mechanics and more—improving labor efficiency 3-5% without increasing disruption risk.

Revenue management intelligence

Capture 3+% more in revenue by giving your analysts insights from historical data to identify areas for intervention and make proactive adjustments.

Hospitality companies

Finance & accounting

Combining process expertise, technology and talent with intelligent operations can cut finance and accounting costs 25-35% for hospitality companies.

Customer contact

Support a greater volume of calls and personalize customer experiences (which improves Net Promoter Scores) while reducing call center costs 20-30%.


Passenger processing

Automating passenger processing as they board and disembark can reduce costs 70-80% while freeing up crew members to focus on the customer experience.

Direct sales

With intelligent targeted marketing, your cruise line can engage customers directly—rather than through travel agents—and save 5-15% in commissions.

Rental car

Fleet management

Optimize how many cars, what model, and where you need them—reducing total assets required 3-5%—while redesigning maintenance to save 7-10% in costs.

Asset trading

As you refresh your fleet, leverage analytics to find the best location, timing and venue (such as auction or dealer) to raise sales price 1-4%.

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Make bold moves with intelligent travel operations

Travel is coming back. To make bold moves —at the right cost, travel players must improve their operations to become future-ready. Find out how.

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