Rapid UX design and development for multiple devices

Digital StoreFront is an intuitive design and development tool for optimizing customer experience across multiple devices. It is an all-in-one tool that combines a UX editorial application with API services to configure multiple digital product merchandising views.

For clients with content monetization missions, this tool provides significant agility when customer insights signal opportunities for greater engagement and revenue growth for content or channels.

Digital StoreFront can exponentially improve speed to market and reduce the developer head count necessary to deliver an always-optimized omni-channel experience.

The off-the-shelf features of Digital StoreFront allow rapid development of end-user experience. The web-based highly scalable architecture has a decoupling layer that works without disrupting the existing platform and provides a foundation for building new use cases rapidly.

Accenture Cross-platform UX Builder advantages

The server side UX logic and APIs can be integrated with any app framework and provides a single point of control for the editorial team to manage end-user experience. The platform offers numerous advantages.

50% Effort reduction

Code lines supporting advanced business logic, UI development and test effort reduced by 50%.


Accelerates time-to-market for new features from weeks to just hours or minutes.

80% Efficiency in design

Business logic is developed only once and re-used in multiple apps reducing the device-specific design effort by nearly 80%.

Shift to no code/low code skillsets

Universal JavaScript skills replace a legacy design-per-device (iOS, Android, Web, various consoles) dedicated factories.

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