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Accenture Metadata Intelligence

Power enterprise value with data

Strategize business outcomes using metadata

Presently, there is no vision on the strategic role of metadata in the entire content supply chain (content acquisition to user experience).

Enhance operational efficiency

Today, companies suffer low efficiency in unstructured data management including high costs associated with manual activities that could be automated.

Improve data and data quality

Metadata is now available only in siloed sources with lack of unified view with inaccurate and poor data quality and no standard or quality assurance.

The Metadata Intelligence platform

The platform benefits

Quicker metadata extraction

Reduced % of content tagging errors 

Reduced average cost per hour of archiving activities

Reduced hours of manual activities

Improved average task completion rate

Reduced cost to serve

How it works

Inside the Metadata Intelligence platform

The platform offers detection of complex scenarios with the best accuracy while optimizing the overall cost to serve. It provides high speed metadata extraction with reduced % of content tagging errors across various cloud providers.

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