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I&D: It's time to show, not just tell

January 10, 2022


In brief

Beyond words


of consumers believe that diverse representation within the companies they support is important.


of brand promoters believe that the companies that they shop with should leave them 'net better off'.


of consumers say they will walk away from a brand if they're disappointed by its words or actions on a social issue.

Diversity dimensions of Platform & Media companies

In-content diversity

Audience directly interacts with content.

Examples: Characters, Actors, Images, Stories, Quotes, Songs, etc.

Creative diversity

Contributors and creators of the content.

Examples: Designers, Producers, Editors, Writers, Marketers, etc.

Corporate diversity

Company-wide interventions to address institutional challenges.

Examples: All employees in Platform and Media companies.

Start at the top, but make I&D everyone's job

The exciting news is that we are starting to see real shifts in how companies think about success in I&D. CEOs are moving beyond the status quo of considering I&D as a niche area, and are now seeing it span across the entirety of a business...

Diversifying decision-makers

Design with purpose and accountability for success

1. Be intentional about recruiting

Create new opportunities to infuse I&D into every aspect of the business—from development to retention to growth, and beyond.

2. Understand where you are in the I&D journey

Implement actions (e.g., parity studies of gender vs. race) that identify equitable advancement pathways for corporate talent and diverse content.

3. Pull on experience levers

Leverage and value what diverse creative and corporate talent can bring to the table versus simply meeting quotas and goals.

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About the Authors

Blair Taylor

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, North America Lead

Karina Cabrera Bell

Senior Manager – Talent & Organization, Inclusion & Diversity

Sara Recht

Senior Manager – Strategy, Software & Platforms

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