Four ways to thrive in the society of the future

4. Use technology responsibly

Technology will continue to play an important role in accelerating new business model development. New opportunities in cybersecurity, digital commerce, and digital access to financial and healthcare services are expected to increase in the next five years.

The biggest transformation will be how companies embrace a fair and ethical use of technology. Take Origin Energy. The company is leveraging emerging technologies to create smarter ways for customers to take control of energy consumption in their homes. In a recent trial with smart controller manufacturer, Sensibo Sky, Origin Energy offered customers the option to monitor and control their air conditioners remotely via the mobile phone. The technology also enabled Origin Energy to remotely adjust customers’ air conditioners’ temperature (with prior permission), during peak demand in return for an account credit. This type of demand response program reduces pressure on the grid, and it helps encourage responsible use of energy among consumers.

Forerunners are also ahead of their peers in focusing on protecting customer and employee data and on building tech-augmented, smarter operations.

Companies that commit to applying technology to make products safer and smarter will be well-positioned for the society of the future.

Forerunners recognize that more technology will necessitate enhanced capabilities, especially around data privacy and smartly augmented services.

Tech-related capabilities that need to be enhanced to succeed in the future

Percentage of respondents who selected “to a very large extent” or “to a large extent” on a five-point scale.

Forerunners, n=162; Other companies, n=1,338

Forerunners, n=162; Other companies, n=1,338 Source: Accenture Growth Markets C-level Survey, September - October 2020

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