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Closing the procurement function loop

New ways procurement can achieve sustainable value

Call for change

"Our transformation has evolved the supply chain into a value chain, providing us opportunities to forge business relationships that drive material CLSM projects, invest in our 360 relationships and focus on sustainable and responsible buying."

— KAI NOWOSEL, Chief Procurement Officer, Accenture

When tech meets human ingenuity

"We created the capacity to add value through offerings like CLSM by standardizing, streamlining and automating our foundational offerings like sourcing, contracting, and buying."

— PATRICIA MILLER, Managing Director, Procurement Plus – Digital Transformation, Accenture

A valuable difference

"The execution of CLSM programs goes beyond identifying savings opportunities and putting a dollar value on them. True CLSM is about constantly challenging the status quo, collectively identifying optimization opportunities and working toward overarching business objectives—not procurement objectives."

— MARIUS WEIGERT, Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability, Procurement Plus, Accenture


North America contractor optimizations: US$16M controllable income improvements were achieved to help fund investments needed for growth initiatives.


An operational efficiency program targeting internal contractor spend helped product US$30M in cost reductions and a 27% reduction in contractor headcount.


Applying ZBS for North America Accenture Operations identified US$36M in savings that was reinvested for growth or released from budgets.


Procurement delivered US$80M of working capital when the pandemic set in to materially contribute to Accenture’s profitability.

Meet the team

Kai Nowosel

Chief Procurement Officer

Tricia Miller

Director of Profitable & Responsible Buying

Marius Weigert

Director– Corporate Services & Sustainability, Procurement Plus
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