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Our history of innovation








  • Headcount 257,000
    Revenue US$27.9 Billion
  • 2012

    We surpass our Skills to Succeed goal of helping 250,000 people by 2015; target is raised to 500,000

  • 2012

    Accenture is added to the prestigious S&P 100 Index

  • 2012

    Leadership Careers at Accenture model is launched, replacing the Senior Executive career model

  • 2012

    Ambition 2020, our long-term vision for market leadership, is launched

  • 2012

    Newest Accenture Technology Lab opens in Beijing; global lab network now includes San Jose, CA; Bengaluru; Sophia Antipolis, France; and Washington, D.C.



  • Headcount 70,000
    Revenue US$9.8 Billion
  • 2000

    Kim Petersen, a Norwegian employee, wins internal contest to come up with a new name for the company—selecting Accenture for "accent on the future"

    Kim Petersen wins competition for coming up with Accenture name
  • 2000

    August 7 - Resolution of Arbitration: Andersen Consulting becomes fully independent organization from Andersen Worldwide and Arthur Andersen

    Resolution of Arbitration
  • 2000

    Accenture and Microsoft create Avanade, a joint venture helping Global 2000 clients optimize Microsoft investments

  • 1999

    The firm conducts its first live global broadcast, introducing new CEO Joe Forehand to all employees

    The firm conducts its first live global broadcast, introducing new CEO Joe Forehand to all employees
  • 1999

    Joe Forehand succeeds George Shaheen as Managing Partner and CEO

    Joe Forehand
  • 1998

    Horizon 2010 strategic planning initiative sets strategy for the new millennium

  • 1998

    The firm refreshes its brand with the debut of the "A to the power of C" logo, with the exponent conveying a sense of energy and high-tech savvy

    A to the power of C logo
  • 1997

    Consulting partners vote unanimously to pursue arbitration of differences with the audit and tax divisions

  • 1997

    New organization model focuses on delivering quality client service globally. Internal "community of practice" structure is launched

  • 1995

    Our Center for Strategic Technology in Palo Alto partners with Intel and others to create the DAVINCI Virtual Corporation, demonstrating state-of-the-art technologies

  • Headcount 33,000
    Revenue US$3.2 Billion
  • 1994

    Opening of the Centers for Strategic Technology in Palo Alto, California, and Sophia Antipolis, France. Today these are known as the Accenture Technology Labs

  • 1994

    Business Process Management is formed, laying the groundwork for what we know today as Business Process Outsourcing

  • 1993

    Asian Dynasty initiative is launched to take the themes of Horizon 2000 and use them to achieve a much faster growth rate in Asia

    Asian Dynasty
  • 1993

    The People, Values, Culture initiative is launched to renew our focus on coaching, counseling and leadership

  • 1993

    Knowledge Xchange is launched, enabling electronic sharing of information across the entire organization globally

    Knowledge Xchange
  • 1992

    Mission statement, vision and core values-quality client service, one global network, integrity, stewardship, best people and respect for the individual-are developed and articulated

  • 1992

    Horizon 2000 strategic planning process is launched, with more than 200 partners laying the groundwork for long-term success

  • 1992

    First Global Management Council formed to ensure that Andersen Consulting leadership was focusing on global issues

  • 1991

    First firmwide internal news publication, Dialogue, is launched

  • 1990

    Outlook magazine launched, focused on thought leadership in change management

    Outlook magazine
  • Headcount 21,000
    Revenue US$1.4 Billion
  • 1989

    Business Integration client service model is formalized and officially endorsed

  • 1989

    Andersen Consulting image initiative launched with innovative, groundbreaking TV and print ads

    Andersen Consulting
  • 1989

    Partners vote to form Andersen Consulting as a separate business unit

    Skyscraper next to lake
  • 1989

    Opening of our first SMART Store 2000™ in Chicago—providing a unique environment to explore innovative solutions for consumer packaged goods and retailing

    SMART store in Chicago - man sits at PC
  • 1989

    George Shaheen named to head consulting practice

    George Shaheen
  • 1988

    The Andersen Consulting name is adopted

    Andersen Consulting
  • 1986

    Partners approve creation of a Strategic Services practice on a pilot basis in New York, Chicago and San Francisco

  • 1985

    First delivery center in Philippines opens.

  • 1985

    The firm introduces just-in-time manufacturing concepts, documented in Reinventing the Factory, by consultants "Pete" Peterson and Roy Harmon

    Reinventing the Factory book cover
  • 1983

    Si Moughamian becomes managing partner of the Management Information Consulting Division

    Si Moughamian
  • Headcount 5,000
    Revenue US$250 Million
  • 1980

    With the rapid expansion of the consulting practice, Administrative Services is renamed "Management Information Consulting Division"

  • 1980

    Vic Millar named head of Administrative Services

    Vic Millar


  • 1979

    The firm launches METHOD/1, a structured, systematic approach to information planning, design, installation and support

    The firm launches METHOD/1
  • 1979

    Susan Butler, first professional woman hired in 1965, named first female partner

    Susan Butler
  • 1976

    Technology competency is formalized with new Technical Services Organization

  • 1975

    The firm develops its first real-time commercial software package, the Distribution Control System

  • 1972

    The firm develops Lexicon, the first comprehensive computerized data dictionary for use in business computer systems

    Lexicon diagram
  • 1971

    Bill Mueller becomes head of Administrative Services

    Bill Mueller
  • 1971

    Administrative Services training program moves to new Center for Professional Education Development in St. Charles, IL

    Center for Professional Education Development
  • 1970

    Houston office develops Administrative Services' first significant applications software package, FIN-PAC

    FIN-PAC logo
  • 1969

    Systems integration project for Zenith is one of the first large-scale uses of cathode ray tubes for online data access, and a forerunner of today's ERP systems

    Zenith logo
  • 1969

    Administrative Services creates and adopts its first complete set of practices in systems development

  • 1969

    Bill Ingersoll succeeds Joe Glickauf as head of Administrative Services

    Bill Ingersoll
  • 1967

    Administrative Services develops Base V, the widely used operating system for the System/360 IBM computers

    Base V Operating System
  • 1965

    First formal consulting school for Administrative Services personnel is held in Chicago's Knickerbocker Hotel

    Chicago's Knickerbocker Hotel
  • 1962

    The firm expands into Asia with the opening of an office in Tokyo

  • 1958

    Administrative Services designs and installs a system for Bank of America that becomes the backbone for the BankAmericard (later renamed VISA)

    Woman holding BankAmericard
  • 1957

    European offices open: London, Oslo, Paris, Milan, Brussels

  • 1957

    Joe Glickauf takes over as head of the Administrative Services division

    Joe Glickauf
  • 1955

    Expansion outside of the U.S.—Mexico City office opens

  • 1954

    Administrative Services installs first computer system for commercial use at GE Appliance Park

    Computer system - GE Applicance Park
  • 1951

    Joseph Glickauf, a manager in the Administrative Services division, unveils his "Glickiac" computer, convincing the partners to invest in the emerging technology practice

    Joseph Glickauf - Glickiac Computer