Program, project and service management

Spanning the application lifecycle to drive high quality and predictable outcomes at scale for our clients.

Creating impact and innovation

Leaders must reinvent management practices in their organizations to create value and deliver innovation. Learn how Accenture Program, Project and Service Management helps to achieve that with increased transparency.

Manage delivery volatility

Manage risk, issue and dependency resulting in more predictable outcomes.

Drive innovation

Enable IT as a gateway to innovative services, seamless customer experiences, and expansion into new markets.

Meet business objectives

Deliver projects to meet business objectives within budget and schedule controls.

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Deliver value for your business

Competing successfully in a high-velocity, digital-driven world places increasing demands on an organization's ability to execute and deliver projects at a rapid pace. These pressures have made program, project and service management (PPSM) a valued capability across the enterprise.

Why Accenture?

We have distinguished positioning borne out of our more than 30-year investment in thought leadership, comprehensive methods, innovative assets and industry specialization that continually adapts with the speed of change.


Increases productivity and data delivery speed


Integrated approach of technical delivery and expertise

Industry specialization

30 years of experience across 40+ industries

Global scale

Develop and scale innovations around the world

Methods and assets

A distinct method with estimators, tools, and more

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Monitoring progress at NBN Co

In just six months, NBN Co—with help from Accenture—rolled out a series of robust project management capabilities designed to manage numerous simultaneous construction projects related to the construction of Australia’s national broadband network. NBN Co now manages schedules and costs using a single integrated system, driving consistent methods and reporting across all projects. The construction team can closely monitor the progress of thousands of projects, taking actions to mitigate risks and identify efficiency improvements.

Transforming a global energy company

Working with Accenture, a global energy company designed and delivered a centralized pool of project managers for a wide variety of IT projects, implemented a demand management and forecasting process, employed a long term, minimal travel incentive structure, and improved delivery methods, ways of working, and immersion training materials to speed the transition of new project managers. To date, the client and Accenture have delivered 48 completed projects, consisting of approximately US$28 million in managed spend and 52,000 man-hours.