Closed loop spend management in life sciences

Helping companies improve their customer experience, profitability and create responsible and resilient organizations.

Supply chain cost management [INSIGHT]

Optimizing spend with Closed Loop Spend Management

Driving a procurement function to unlock value

Helping our clients create a Closed Loop Spend Management capability that drives a robust and dynamic procurement function to unlock value and fuel transformation and growth.


Improve profitability to navigate crisis and uncertainty while generating fast cash to fund company and procurement transformation.

Agile & resilient

Create the right agile organization and operating model to sustain value generated and proactively manage third-party risks.


Build future digital procurement capabilities to unlock new sources of value beyond pure cost savings.


Deliver superior user experience to business stakeholders to ensure it is easy to buy and comply.


Drive a sustainable and diverse procurement agenda to achieve the company’s socially responsible economic growth.

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Getting started

Strategic cost reduction

Starting from a clean sheet to rebuild a company’s cost base by looking for opportunities to reduce costs and fuel growth.

Sourcing optimization

Leveraging market intelligence, advanced analytics and emerging technologies to maximize value-add from supply relationships.

Procurement transformation

Creating an optimal procurement vision, operating model, organization and process to meet objectives.

Intelligent procurement

An end-to-end strategy to implement procurement’s digital and analytics capabilities.

Responsible & resilient procurement

Meeting risk, sustainability and resilience goals through establishment of a responsible procurement function.

Mergers & acquisition

Procurement is central to value creation and drives long-term deal value in M&A deals.

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What we think

Accenture recommends that companies address 7 key priorities while re-purposing their supply chain through resilience from coronavirus.

Accenture reports digital procurement processes reduce enterprise costs, boost efficiency and transform interactions for new levels of collaboration.

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