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Accenture intelligent revenue growth

Addressing customer challenges with AI

Customer interactions happen across solutions

Robust AI-enhanced solutions are needed to make sense of disparate data records to most effectively leverage omni-channel targeting.

Distinct customer groups transact differently

AI solutions help enable providers to identify hidden patterns and nuances to personalize treatments at scale and standardize engagement.

Providers have broad offering portfolios

Broad, diverse portfolios make it difficult to personalize offers. AI-powered solutions leverage robust algorithms to match customers and products.

First offer to be the best offer to win the deal

For customer retargeting, real-time data streaming architectures allow the use of same-session signals to generate the best offer from the very onset.

It’s time for ‘Big’ to boost ‘Small’

Igniting revenue growth with AI and data


Increase profitable customer acquisition and retention, grow engagement, and maximize value by more deep understanding.


Optimize how, when, and where to sell in a targeted and more granular way, by outlet.


Predict customer desire, help improve product design, and optimize supply and pricing to drive faster time to market.

Our intelligent revenue growth solutions

Identify, enrich, and target

  • Augment a provider's data with our data sets and look-alike models.
  • Help acquire new customers by using our look-alike and propensity models.

Pipeline growth and qualification

  • Identify high propensity-to-upgrade and candidate customers.
  • Recommend a refresh or renewal of sales motions and full integration into CRM processes.

Customer insights and relationship maintenance

  • Use insights to prioritize, plan, and invest across multiple accounts.
  • Leverage data and look-alike models to identify customers likely to switch.

Opportunity insights and deal shaping

  • Suggest sales content, buyers etc. from insights.
  • Calculate price & discount, integrate it in deal-approval.
  • Recommend extra products & services.

Our leaders

Paul Barrett

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, North America

Deborah Garand

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting, High Tech

Padampreet Singh

Managing Director Global Data & AI Lead for High Tech Industry

Ben Quirt

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, North America

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