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Quantum computing—the time is now

June 13, 2017


In brief

Beyond the theoretical

Delivering business value

Investing in quantum computing


The European Commission has invested $1.13 billion in a project to support a range of quantum technologies.


Australia’s government announced a five-year AUD$25 million investment toward developing a silicon quantum integrated circuit.


A US report recommends “significant and sustained investment in quantum information science by engaging with academia, industry and government.”


China is investing heavily in quantum computing to, among other things, build a facility dedicated to quantum research.

The fifth generation

First generation computing

  • 1940-1956
  • Vacuum Tubes

Second generation computing

  • 1956-1964
  • Transistors

Third generation computing

  • 1964-1971
  • Integrated Circuits

Fourth generation computing

  • 1971- Present
  • Microprocessors

Fifth generation computing

  • Present & Beyond
  • Quantum Computers

A stake in the ground


Today quantum computing is ideal for solving optimization problems—sorting through vast potential solutions to arrive at the best decision.


Quantum computers can facilitate real-world quantum system simulation, unlocking efficiency in material design and drug analysis.

Machine Learning

Quantum computers can provide reliable data for machine learning algorithms. Each iteration of new data can help artificial intelligence “learn.”

Industry opportunities for quantum computing

Financial Services

Quantum computing can help determine attractive portfolios and flag key fraud indicators using thousands of assets with interconnecting dependencies.

Life Sciences

Replacing certain protein folding and therapy discovery techniques, quantum computing can help improve drug design.


As quantum computing evolves, it will help solve supply chain optimization and purchasing challenges.


Quantum computing can help identify optimal product lifecycle and replacement issues at a system-wide scale.

Media & Technology

Quantum computers are well suited to schedule advertising and maximize ad revenue, tailored on a per-customer basis.

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