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How businesses can survive & thrive through high inflation

MAY 11, 2022            5-MINUTE READ


Are leaders prepared?

Economic cost pressures

Round 1 - Energy (direct)

Direct impact on operating costs depends on the industry’s intensity of use of these inputs.

Round 2 - Supply chain (indirect)

Cost pressure passing from upstream industries to downstream industries depends on intensity of use of inputs from industries heavily impacted in Round 1.

Round 3 - Wage and demand erosion

Inflation erodes consumer purchasing power, placing upward pressure on wages. The size of the effect on wages depends on the tightness of the labor market and the negotiating power of employees.

How cost pressures affect different industries

To identify your specific challenges:

From insight to action: Use technology to help weather the storm

Be transparent with stakeholders

Solving for today and tomorrow


About the Authors

Michael Brueckner

Lead – Strategy, EMEA

Kathleen O’Reilly

Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair

Svenja Falk

Managing Director – Research, EMEA


Thought Leadership Principal Director – Accenture Research

Chris Tomsovic

Managing Director – Accenture StrategyAccenture Strategy, Macro Foresight Global Lead

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