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Scaling AI: Giving data its due

November 9, 2021

Aligning data strategy to business strategy

If you focus on the 5-10% of your data that drives 90% or more of your business value, you’re ensuring that the data informs your analytics.

Brewing industrialized growth by scaling AI

The pressure to find new growth in the beer industry is hopping and competition from other drinks is fierce. One global brewer scaled up to industrialized growth by using machine learning to resolve their data veracity issues and create more accurate forecasting models. Their analytics were scaled over one hundred global datasets, from sales and forecast data, to social media, to weather and beyond. Company decision makers had access to commercial intelligence and actionable insights in record time. In the first year, the ROI was four times the initial investment.

Becoming data-led and growth focused


of executives believe they risk going out of business in 5 years if they don’t scale AI


of companies who have realized success say analytics have a major role in AI


of executives believe they won’t achieve their growth objectives unless they scale AI


of companies that reached industrialized growth leveraged cross-platform, multi-disciplinary teams

Strategy & goals

Your data and analytics strategy need to be mapped against business goals.

360 view

Data discovery and augmentation should use internal and external data to give a 360-degree view and generate quality predictive analytics.


Data management requires planning, governance, monetization and compliance.


Businesses must adopt a data-driven culture and the democratization of AI and data.

​Michael Lyman

Lead – Strategy & Consulting, North America

Michael has more than 30 years of experience working with C-suite executives on major disruptive trends and transformational issues

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