With new competitor brands continuously emerging to claim market share, a key challenge for established consumer goods companies is to stay relevant for customers, or risk becoming quickly obsolete. The company set out to digitize its procurement organization and leverage untapped data resources to better focus on the needs of its customers and enhance its ability to respond at the right time with efficient manufacturing at scale.

The international scale of the business, combined with years of global and regional acquisitions, had left the procurement function fragmented and inefficient – particularly in sourcing and contract management. The company also lacked the global integration it needed to support business growth. It knew it needed an experienced partner to help transform procurement on a global scale.

What Accenture did

The company teamed with Accenture to move to an intelligent procurement function – tapping into Accenture’s Synops platform to orchestrate the optimal combination of human + machine talent, driven by data and insights.


Simplified and standardized processes in key sourcing functions across the business, delivering operational excellence.


Implemented e-sourcing and e-tendering, vendor master management, catalog management, which delivered more than $1B in savings.

Automated bots

Developed a series of process automations, including 22 robotic process automation (RPA) bots and 15 mini-bots which led to increased efficiency.

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People and culture

Embedding automation has made a significant positive impact on the client’s workforce. Employees have been able to shift their focus from transactional work and take on roles that deliver more value for the business. This has helped create an environment of continuous innovation as the team dedicate time to strategic thinking, further process enhancements and future growth.

Value delivered


In savings delivered through e-tendering and are ready to be invested in technology-led growth across the business over a three-year period.


Days contract cycle time (down from 15 days) increases the speed at which the business realizes value.


Inputs (up from 7%). “Right first time” contract inputs increased dramatically from just 7% when the engagement started.


Digital signatures have been fully implemented – with around 60% of all suppliers now signing contracts digitally, speeding up the contracting phase.


Consistent business buyer satisfaction scores.

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