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Case Study

Gene therapy gets personal

Helping patients and HCPs embrace a ground-breaking cell and gene therapy to improve patient care using Accenture’s INTIENT platform.


Delivering patient-specific medicines against a time clock

What Accenture did

Patient case management framework

The patient case management framework provides a real-time view into the patient’s therapy journey and manages required patient touchpoints.

Healthcare professional portal

The multi-lingual portal allows HCPs to onboard patients and align on treatment from initiation through therapy and post-treatment support.

People and culture

Value delivered

Revolutionary treatment is helping patients improve their quality of life without monthly therapies.

Patients have peace of mind thanks to consistent support from their case managers, who guide them throughout the treatment process.

HCPs have one place to check the status of a patient to support consistent quality of care.

Case managers receive reminders and guided tasks to ensure a complete and timely treatment process.

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