Companies are experiencing a new revolution driven by digitalization, automation, electrification and industrial consumerism. Underpinning this revolution are applications with the power to make businesses more efficient, effective and innovative. The problem is that for many companies, their application landscapes have grown too complex and consume too large a share of IT resources that restrict their ability to drive digital growth. How can companies transform their application management services to deliver innovation and unleash their business?

Next-generation services

Faced with this new disruptive environment, old models of application management are no longer enough to stay ahead. CNH Industrial decided to modernize and streamline application management services provided to their SAP landscape globally. Accenture is helping CNH Industrial create a more strategic service over the next five years with an innovation road map and services that will help deliver support with greater automation, innovation and continuous improvement to improve business performance and outcomes.

Strategy and solution

As part of the application maintenance services transformation, we are introducing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, enhanced automation, cognitive tools and user support capabilities like chatbots, some of which will be delivered via Accenture myWizard.

These integrated tools enable an effective and efficient service; in addition, they help improve CNH Industrial’s business more broadly by gaining greater visibility into operational challenges, generating efficiencies and freeing up resources to focus on strategic digital initiatives. The application support forms an integral part of CNH Industrial’s day-to-day operations with over 50,000 users globally, including dealers.

Proactive service

The application management services collect, centralize and analyze data from across the business to proactively monitor the SAP solution landscape. They encompass:

Ticket resolution

RPA, AI and user support like chatbots help solve user queries with minimal manual effort.

Monitoring and preventive maintenance

MyWizard analyzes, tickets and patterns to find problems and offer analysis. Reporting and dashboards reveal data trends to take preventive action.


Events proactively managed and monitored, flagging issues for resolution. An “Operations Control Room” has specialists on point to respond to alerts.

Business service monitoring

When IT incidents accumulate, we assess their impact on business services and service level agreements to minimize business disruption.

Continuous improvement activities

Identify areas for improvement by looking at accumulated historical data, optimizing the overall operational setup in line with business needs.

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As companies’ application landscapes become ever more central to business success, those with innovative application services will outcompete their peers thanks to greater efficiency and reliability. With Accenture’s continually updated knowledge, skills and proprietary methodologies, CNH Industrial has the latest transformative technologies at their fingertips.

The support provided by Accenture is fundamental to ensuring smooth service across CNH Industrial’s departments, including:

Revenue cycle





Finance and human resources

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Most importantly, automation frees up CNH Industrial resources to focus on strategic digital initiatives for customers, primarily connected vehicles, market service solutions and advanced precision farming.

CNH Industrial can now resolve issues more quickly and efficiently, maintain quality and increase productivity while lowering costs. But the benefits don’t stop there. Proactive management and quick reaction to issues mean that CNH Industrial employees and dealers can better serve their customers. This translates into greater operational efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.

This is a first step in driving next-generation application services support at CNH Industrial. Accenture and CNH Industrial will continue to innovate together to unlock value, drive investment capacity and stimulate growth.

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