Accenture Development Partnerships

Delivering the power of Accenture's global capabilities and experience to address social, economic and environmental issues to improve lives around the world.

Impact through innovation

Accenture Development Partnerships works with clients—including leading NGOs, private foundations, public donor agencies and the private sector—to create social impact and progress the Sustainable Development Goals. We deliver 360° Value to build a more inclusive and sustainable world.

For nearly two decades, we have completed more than 1,900 engagements in nearly 100 countries across critical areas such as global health and nutrition, gender, inclusion and diversity, livelihoods and education, inclusive finance, humanitarian and refugees, agriculture, energy, climate and environment. By tapping into the best of Accenture's ecosystem and alliance partners—global reach, extensive capabilities, cross-industry perspectives and a skilled workforce—we can provide end-to-end solutions.

A sustainable future requires inclusive green jobs

We’ve seen an explosion in content about the climate and biodiversity crises. As we move toward a more sustainable future, transformation across all sectors will require a green transition.

Across many countries there are now ambitious plans to create millions of ‘green jobs’—vast new workforces who will transition us to a net-zero world. But what does a more inclusive green transition look like? And what does it mean to the next generation? Listen to youth leaders from around the globe to hear their perspective to help us all design a more inclusive green transition.

Insights and research

Perspectives on driving social impact to deliver 360° Value.

NGOs: M&A for innovation and impact

The speed and scale mergers and acquisitions (M&A) provide are crucial―allowing NGOs to create more holistic change. Read more.

Plastics policy playbook

We partnered with Ocean Conservancy to develop an in-depth playbook rooted in data and research for tackling the plastic pollution crisis.

Environmental sustainability in food supply chains

We collaborated with World Wildlife Fund to examine the impacts of global food production and propose mitigating solutions for key industry actors.

A 'one health' future: From assessment to action

Exploring the importance of an integrated approach to global health, bringing together the well-being of animals, humans and the environment.

The role of social determinants of health

Accenture’s Natasha Sunderji and Dea Biancarelli recognize the uneven impacts of COVID-19 and discuss the integration of the social determinants of health.

Amref Health Africa

Transforming primary care in Kenya with a new public-private partnership model. Learn more.

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Virtual ways of working playbook

How nonprofits can create a thriving digital culture.

Impact areas

Applying Accenture’s global capabilities in Strategy, Consulting, Interactive and Technology, we leverage an expansive ecosystem to bring innovation to the following impact areas:


Solving the world’s greatest challenges around poverty, food security and livelihoods by improving the value chain to safe, nutritious and sufficient food.

Climate & Environment

Tackling climate and environmental challenges sustainably and equitably to transform the world we live in.


Unlocking access to affordable, reliable electricity, last mile usage of renewable technology and enabling an equitable energy transition.

Gender, Inclusion & Diversity

Working toward inclusion and empowerment of women, people with disabilities and communities left behind.

Global Health & Nutrition

Advancing sustainable, equitable health and nutrition systems globally.

Humanitarian & Refugees

Responding to critical human needs in emergencies and disasters internationally.

Inclusive Finance

Ensuring access to useful, affordable, responsible and sustainable financial products and services.

Livelihoods & Education

Promoting effective skills building, leading to employment and economic growth.

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As part of our mission, Accenture is infusing sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with. Through the power of technology and human ingenuity we’re addressing social, economic and environmental issues to improve lives around the world.

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