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Discover how we’re helping our clients optimize patient safety solutions to accelerate insights.

Supporting the entire pharmacovigilance journey

At Accenture, our expert teams in operations, technology and consulting support the entire pharmacovigilance journey, from proof-of-concept to end-to-end services. We have more than 1,200 dedicated pharmacovigilance resources, including 60 physicians and 45 medical writers, who are helping our clients process 1.5 million cases annually. We offer a pharmacovigilance technology platform solution that helps our life sciences clients reduce manual effort in individual case safety reports (ICSRs) processing. By combining artificial intelligence technologies with skilled human workers and smart processes, our life sciences clients can more effectively advance discovery, manage drug development and deliver solutions that will make a difference in patients’ lives.

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INTIENT Pharmacovigilance Product Suite

Pharmacovigilance solutions across R&D

Accenture delivers end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions through our expert consulting, technology and operations teams. Our global delivery centers bring together diverse talent groups and best-in-class technology to help achieve safety goals.

Patient safety services

Accenture’s Pharmacovigilance team delivers comprehensive Patient Safety solutions to Pharmaceutical and Biopharma companies.

Pharmacovigilance consulting

Our expert consulting team offers a range of services, from strategy and transformation to process optimization and benefit-risk management.

Pharmacovigilance technology

Our technology services include advanced safety data reporting, analytics and insights. We also deliver Oracle Argus platform implementation.

Pharmacovigilance operations

Our technology-enabled operations team supports surveillance and compliance management, case processing and adverse event case intake.

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance platform

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance is an innovative platform that collects, manages, and learns from the full spectrum of pharmacovigilance data. Learn more.

Safety solutions for consumer goods

These solutions include Cosmetovigilance, Nutrivigilance, Veterinary Vigilance and Tobacco Safety Services. Learn more.

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Pharmacovigilance powered by INTIENT

While working with our industry-leading clients -- discovering and anticipating their pharmacovigilance needs -- Accenture invested in the development of a next-generation technology solution, INTIENT Pharmacovigilance. INTIENT Pharmacovigilance helps life sciences companies accelerate processes and generate critical insights. These insights will help uncover patient safety impacts from existing products and better manage the risks of new ones, as well as improve response to new stakeholder demands across the healthcare landscape.

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance equips companies with a centralized platform to collect, manage and learn from the entire spectrum of patient safety data. See more.

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