Today, we stand at a technological, political and environmental inflection point. Two decades of rapid technology growth and innovation have generated enormous physical and digital clutter. The steep demand on our planet’s resources mirrors the demand on our time and attention, which leads to our meta theme this year: the search for value and relevance.

Digital is now facing a big spring-cleaning: a time when we decide whether something still has value and relevance to our lives. This is a question about the long term, not just the sugar high of instant gratification.

As you read through the Trends, you will see that they raise plenty of fundamental questions. Does the brand deserve a space in my life and in the world? Is the value exchange two-way? Is it doing something more than straining the planet? If the answer is no, then unsubscribe or delete. It has never been easier to do so. In 2019, success will lie in providing value relevant not only to individuals, but also to the world.

Value creation will not come from simply growing bigger, but by being better. In busy lives and on a crowded planet, only the relevant will remain.

Silence is gold

Brands must find ways to make themselves heard by consumers who just want quiet in a noisy world. Learn more.

The last straw?

Enough talk. People expect products and services to have built-in sustainability, or they'll reject those who don’t. Learn more.

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Data minimalism

People and organizations disagree on the value of personal data. Transparency is key to bridging the gap. Learn more.

Ahead of the curb

Cities’ infrastructures are slowing us down. They must combat the clutter with ecosystems that meet real-time needs. Learn more.

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The inclusivity paradox

People are individuals, not types. Organizations must embrace meaningful mindsets to meet demand for true inclusivity. Learn more.

Space odyssey

Work and retail spaces need a digital makeover. It’s time to rethink our approaches and tools for design spaces. Learn more.

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Synthetic realities

With face-swapping and voice simulation creating more believable synthetic realities, companies must work out how to capitalize on it—and manage risk. Learn more.

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