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Call for change


Of worker time is potentially automatable for workers in Retail. It’s 54% for workers in Consumer goods.


Million jobs may be displaced by machines by 2025.


Million new roles may emerge by 2025 due to a new dynamic between people and technology.


Explore the transformation of how, where and why we work

When tech meets human ingenuity

1. Can hidden skills be identified and unlocked?

Could deeper insights reveal workers’ unrecognized skills which would allow them to shine in unexpected, emerging roles?

2. Can workers be better prepared for the future?

Instead of looking at a role as a set of responsibilities, can technology identify transferrable skills that create a roadmap from one job to another?

3. Can people move between organizations?

Can people take on new jobs within and across industries based on their skills, not simply their job descriptions?

Proving out the hypotheses

A valuable difference

"We’ve been working for a number of years on how we transition people into other jobs, but with pilots like this, we’re learning how we can do it even better."


The path forward

“The Future of Work has arrived. This collaboration is historic as it exemplifies the unique actions companies need to be taking to future-proof their workforces, by putting people first.”

— SEAN HINTON, founder and CEO of SkyHive

Meet the team

Nicholas Whittall

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization, Talent Strategy & Development Global Lead

Hernan Espinosa

Senior Manager – Talent & Organization

Christine Nanan

Manager – Talent & Organization

Heber Sambucetti

Principal Director – Talent & Organization

Mary Kate Morley Ryan

Managing Director – Talent & Organization
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