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Financial services infrastructure

Transforming financial services

Capital markets & exchanges

Deploy and manage collateral with greater visibility, control and the flexibility needed to adapt to regulatory and market changes


Central bank digital currency (CBDC)

Explore how a new form of digital central bank money can help enable more direct, transparent and efficient payments and foster financial inclusion.


Cross-industry exchanges

Transform a complex web of data collectors and verifiers into a simple collaborative network empowered by a secured, shared data construct.

Trade finance

Join banks, corporates and SME suppliers converging on data-sharing networks to mitigate risk and unlock the future of touchless transactions.


Stabilize your supply chain for greater resiliency and trust, while addressing challenges of liquidity and working capital.


Tokenized digital assets

Enable a new ecosystem of cloud service offerings for ownership, asset transfer, warranties, maintenance and software updates.


Exploring a US CBDC through pilot projects

Central bank digital currencies

U.S. OCC interpretive letter 1174 on DLT


Exploring central bank digital currencies

Our leaders

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Innovation Incubation Group Lead

Jamie Solomon

Managing Director – Blockchain MPS Cross Industry Exchange, ASIAM Lead

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain services

Explore our ecosystem of Blockchain offerings, alliances and collaborations.

Real-time settlements on DLT

DLT-enabled payment platform for payments with more efficient processing, greater reliability and security.

Marco Polo for trade finance

Our strategic alliance with Marco Polo digitizes and transforms global trade value chains.


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