Innovation with OSDU™

Accenture is assisting the industry adoption and scale of OSDU™ to enable energy companies to accelerate their digital transformation.

Accelerating digital transformation

Complex issues with data formats and legacy applications has created a massive barrier to innovation. Energy companies have an imperative to drive greater business value and deliver more affordable and cleaner energy. To do this, they need to make better use of data science to improve business outcomes such as; quickly evaluate production improvement opportunities; generate accurate forecasts; optimize field production; reduce cycle time and cost for new developments; and increase drilling success rates.

By utilizing OSDU™, energy organizations will be able to store all subsurface and well data in a unified platform and develop a new generation of modern subsurface applications and workflows all on the world’s most reliable and cost-effective cloud platform, to ultimately accelerate digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

This end-to-end solution breaks the vertical integration of data in applications to data as a horizontal services. This will allow teams to work efficiently, collaborate across multiple software applications and leverage the strengths of both legacy systems and more modern applications.

Our offerings

Accenture has defined the following offerings to assist clients in the value realization of OSDU™.

Cloud and HPC

Interoperability consulting, HPC to Cloud and Optimization, Security, license management.

Data migration and management

Ingestion services, format conversation services, and data management.

Managed service

OSDU on AWS. Run, maintain releases and manage platform as a service. Options to include Applications, Analytics, UI, Integration, Culture.


Migrate legacy and custom applications to OSDU environment and data standards, release management, application rationalization service.

Reporting and dashboarding

Text and map-based search, ML model generation, knowledge graph strategy – formation – hydration services. Integration services with enterprise data.

Custom application design and development

Custom Application Design and Development in data search, well planning, RT drilling, production surveillance, ML model integration.

Custom interface

Provide an enterprise UI or portal to access the domain applications, query data, integrate custom applications and access OSDU Marketplace feeds.

Custom integrations and connections

Custom Integrations and Connections to external data sources and systems.

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