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Engineering services

Our technical expertise delivers results, while helping accelerate your product development, increase engineering efficiency, and reduce cost.

The challenge

Engineers are in high demand but short supply.  Streamline your processes, increase productivity and speed your products to market. 

Demand for engineering is increasing, with new technologies such as 5G, cloud and AI driving opportunities to re-invent. But not only do we need more engineers, we need to empower them with digital tools and systems so they can focus on solving the challenges ahead.

Our engineering teams augment skills on the shopfloor and deliver value across design, systems engineering, technical publications, testing and certification.

How we help

Our engineers work alongside our strategists, consultants and technologists

Design and engineering

Our mechanical engineers use the latest tools and technology to develop new products and services that are cost efficient and sustainable.

Manufacturing engineering

Get technical hands-on support to teams on the shopfloor, industrial layout and planning as well as work preparation and non-conformity management.

Systems engineering

We use model-based systems engineering principles to build superior system architecture and avoid siloed ways of working across different disciplines.

Software engineering

We develop embedded software, automate test procedures, and use insight from data to increase efficiency in the coding and testing process.

Product testing

We test and certify complex products and services, including automated and industrialized test farms and security testing in an ever-connected world. 

Technical publications

We use AI and automation to create technical documents quickly, cost efficiently and at high quality, in line with industry regulations.

Our leaders

Tobias Geissinger

Managing Director – Engineering Services, Aerospace and Defense, Global

Deepak Rawat

Industry & Function AI Decision Science Manager

Matt Thomas

Global Engineering Digitization Lead – Industry X

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