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Health payers

Tackle healthcare disruption through technology, while prioritizing a member-centric approach to humanize healthcare.

What’s going on

Health payers face an increasingly challenging landscape with growing consumer demands, new forms of competition, expanding costs and fast-paced technology advancements.

The winners will be those who reinvent and reposition to improve access, experience and outcomes.

From traditional to generative, AI increasingly touches every part of the enterprise and comes with financial, legal and ethical implications. Responsible AI (RAI) is a discipline to drive value against organizational goals, compliance, and trust. It is a mechanism to drive value for patients, providers, and operators.

Learn more about how AI can transform healthcare responsibly, in this comprehensive article or listen to the AHA webcast with executive, clinical and administrative leaders about best practices, challenges and how we can usher in the future of health care together.

What you can do

Continue to grow and innovate within your core insurance business allowing the organization to experiment and adopt new business models. Collaborate across functions and with outside partners to enable customized, end-to-end experiences within healthcare.

Reduce administrative burden and improve member satisfaction with easier onboarding and reimbursement. Use advanced technologies to automate tasks, streamline workflows and improve data management across core operations and corporate functions.

Enhance your organizational culture to support people in their change journey, career progression and continuous learning — and use AI to boost the value each person brings. Partner them with machines to automate mundane and repetitive tasks.

Unlock the power of digital by using the cloud as the enabler, data as the driver and responsible AI as the differentiator. Rapidly develop new capabilities by securely integrating data, platforms, and AI to break down healthcare silos.

Our leader

Robert Murphy

Managing Director – Consulting, Health Payer Lead, North America