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Case Study

Airport brings travel magic to the metaverse

With interest in the metaverse growing, Singapore's Changi Airport is extending its award-winning airport experiences from the physical world to the virtual world.


Next destination – innovation

For years, Singapore Changi Airport has been on a mission to prove that transit hubs don’t have to be boring. Now, it’s ready to show they can be fun…  whether in person or online. Known for being one-of-a-kind where travellers can explore indoor and outdoor gardens, race go-karts and zip down a four-storey slide, Changi has also been named Skytrax “World’s Best Airport” a record 12 times.

With interest in the metaverse growing, Changi Airport Group (CAG) saw an opportunity to innovate and strengthen its connections with passengers. With Accenture, it developed a plan for a digital environment that mirrors the sights, sounds and experiences of the real-world airport in the virtual world. To bring it to life, the team needed the right platform—and they found it in Roblox: With 66 million daily active users and 40 million experiences, it had the reach and growth potential to support Changi’s creative aspirations. And while it got its start with a young audience, the platform is no longer just for kids; in fact, the 17-24 and 25+ age groups now make up 30% of its total users.

The metaverse, now in airport mode

The team set out to create a ChangiVerse full of iconic sights, fun activities and social experiences. The first step was to recreate Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), the airport’s landmark nature and entertainment complex complete with the iconic Rain Vortex and Forest Valley. Even though many Roblox games rely on simple visuals, ChangiVerse had to be as beautiful and detailed as the real thing—right down to the fidelity of the plants and trees.

Interactive games and experiences mirror the airport’s real-world offerings, including a go-kart racetrack and Jurassic Mile cycling path (complete with dinosaurs). Users can earn tokens redeemable for virtual goods such as customized planes and luggage, and interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), who serve as navigation aids and share fun facts along the way; as well as ways to level up, such as unlocking access to the VIP room. Through user insights and gamification strategies, the team sought to make ChangiVerse as “sticky” as possible, to keep users coming back and engaging deeply.

Changi Airport is more than just a transport node—it’s a fun and magical destination where memories are created. ChangiVerse is about engaging customers better through innovation and experimentation.

Hung Jean / Group SVP of CAG’s Enterprise Digital Ecosystem & Business Division

Coming in for a (virtual) landing

Development happened swiftly, from proof of concept in September 2022 to launch in April 2023, with a team spanning nine countries and having 3D artists, Roblox developers, user experience researchers, gaming experts and more.

In its first three months, ChangiVerse drew more than 7 million visits, with more than 2.5 million unique visits from all over the world. YouTube global influencers, digital marketing and in-airport promotions are helping to boost interest, augmented by a contest that offers free flight tickets to the fastest go-kart competitors. The goal is to expand the world to include more experiences and further test the boundaries of offline to online interactions.

Just as the airport has charted new territory by adding entertainment and innovation to its in-person experience, ChangiVerse is breaking new ground for what a passion for travel can look like online.

Meet the team

Ewen Plougastel
Client Account Lead & Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Nathan D. Raward
Associate Director – Accenture Song

Attila Janos
Senior Manager – Industry X

Avishkar Prem
Tech Innovation Strategy Consultant – Metaverse Continuum Business Group