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CASE STUDY British Telecom

Making Finance Brilliant

Bringing even more value to finance

3-minute read

A standard model of information

When BT Group, the British telecom, embarked on a reinvention of its finance function, it was keenly focused on driving value through connections. Now, after radically transforming its digital core, BT Group is achieving a 30% operational cost efficiency, closing the books 40% faster every month and bringing the key values of “personal, simple and brilliant” to its own operations.

With Accenture’s support, BT moved its entire finance function to the cloud. The new program, called Making Finance Brilliant, enhances efficiency and standardization. At the same time, it automates core financial operations, management reporting and planning processes.

A dialed-in finance function

Phase one focused on the SAP implementation, consolidating and simplifying the planning and budgeting process across the company.

Standardizing the data models created a single source of truth, which quickly streamlined and improved financial reporting. This, in turn, allowed employees who might have been unfamiliar with SAP to see the possibilities inherent in a cutting-edge finance function.

From there, phase two focused on transferring all the UK operational finance data into SAP, to reap the full benefits of the finance foundation built in phase one. This approach helps set up the company for continued transformation and future success.

What the future holds

Today, the more consistent and harmonized approach to data is allowing better visibility and real-time insights—and fueling growth in the process. The transformation is delivering increased efficiency, as the finance group relies on data aggregation and reconciliation less and centralized processes and execution more.

And by ensuring that the human side of reinvention goes hand in hand with updating its digital core, BT Group is giving its people the opportunity to harness technology to create new ways of working and driving value.

Now, BT Group is well on its way to Making Finance Brilliant.