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Renewable energy consulting

Leveraging innovative business solutions for renewables companies to generate new value and greater performance.


The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier.

Generating value for renewables companies

Renewables operators’ move to most margin per MWh

Services overview

Renewables strategy

Developing strategies in areas such as energy flexibility, supply chain, operating model transformation, PPAs, and renewable gas.

Design and construction

Leveraging digital technologies for design and construction, supply chain and spare parts management and logistics optimization.

Operations and maintenance

Implementing digital renewable hubs to optimize O&M performance. Applying data and analytics for production forecasting and operations.

What we think

Reimagining the Agenda

Unlocking the Global Pathways to Resilience, Growth, and Sustainability for 2030.

Utilities Tech Trends 2022

Accenture outlines emerging utility technology trends for 2022, a year where utilities will find themselves at the intersection of many worlds.

Transition on demand

Our latest research explores what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how they can thrive.

Meet the team

Melissa Stark

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, Renewables Global Lead

Jeffrey Colborn

North America Renewables Lead

Faye Griffiths

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, Growth Markets


Energy transition services

Accelerating the energy transition towards a net-zero emission future.