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Ensure financial health of your organization


The paradox of choice for CFOs

The impact of change

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline accounting processes while delivering an excellent customer experience with timely invoices, payments and reports.

  • 50-60% increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing
  • 45-50% cut on operating costs
  • 10-15% days payables outstanding (DPO) optimization

Achieve a fast and accurate close

Eliminate manual processes so you can reduce delays and increase accuracy in recording income and expenses—finally making continuous close a reality.

  • 35-40% decrease in period close times
  • 20% cut in month end close overtime rates

Improve balance sheet integrity

Deliver frequent, accurate reporting of working capital and cash flow—so business leaders & stakeholders can make better, more timely & more confident decisions.

  • Gain better balance sheet integrity with less than 5% of issues being older than 60 days
  • 98% accuracy in balance sheet reconciliation
  • <1% late adjustment entries to balance sheet

Improve compliance with regulatory requirements

Advance controls and compliance by automating transactions, reducing manual touchpoints and fully tapping into the capabilities of the ERP system.

  • Improve controls and compliance by automating transactions.
  • 100% controls and compliance
  • 30% reduction in timelines for statutory filing

Prepare tomorrow’s finance talent today

Free up time and talent so your people can focus on more strategic and satisfying tasks, while providing more value to the business.

  • Automate up to 80% of transactional work to free up time and talent
  • Scales the innovation agenda to nurture a more knowledge-based workforce

Core finance services that power change​

Order to cash

Optimizes working capital, provides real-time visibility and end-to-end management of revenue and cash flow and streamlines billing processes.

Procure to pay

Boosts vendor compliance, cuts savings erosion, improves discount capture using preferred suppliers, and confirms pricing and terms prior to payment.

Record to report

Improves operational efficiency and balance sheet integrity, cuts time to close and safeguards compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk & audit support

Reduces risk by regularly testing SOX and continuously monitoring of key risk indicators across processes.

Driving success with core finance operations​


in payments processed.


in accounts receivable managed.


intercompany transactions streamlined.

Change in action


Ready for the next step?

Strategic finance operations give you the real-time insights and analytics to help you manage the future.