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Human at the heart

Reimagine healthcare experiences

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Top Leader in Healthcare Provider Digital Services

Healthcare Payer and Provider benchmark survey: US report

Health experience: The difference between loyalty and leaving

Accenture outline four factors to help healthcare payers and providers deliver the health experiences that people expect today.


Value projection

Our industry experts help clients understand the potential value of their investments, enabling leaders to advocate for health experience solutions.

Fjord partnership

Our exclusive partnership with Fjord helps to improve human lives by creating meaningful digital solutions and experiences they love.

Industry focus

Our network of consultants, clinicians and technologists comprise a group of professionals with deep global healthcare industry knowledge.


Our broad range of global healthcare clients means we provide access to global best practices and expertise quickly and easily.

Platform business offerings

Our health experts are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to designing, implementing, and operating partner solutions.

Deep insights into healthcare people preferences

Years of research into patient and care professional preferences are placed at the disposal of our healthcare provider clients.

Healthcare technology solutions

Connected care

Technology-driven Connected Care helps patients and providers navigate the health ecosystem to find the right place for care and recommend next best actions throughout the care journey.

Intelligent care orchestration

Improving access to care, personalized experiences and outcomes for health payers and providers.

Care 24/7

Collaborating with Microsoft Teams based on Care 24/7 helps organizations deliver effective virtual care that keeps patients connected and informed.

Health experience platform

Providers and payers can significantly humanize patients’ healthcare ecosystem engagement using the Health Experience Platform.

What can improve the patient experience worldwide?

Oliver Grange


How CPG leadership can drive growth


Forum for Health Policy- Dr. Kaveh Safavi Podcast


Health and Life Sciences Experience survey

Health and Life Sciences Experience survey

The 2021 Accenture Health and Life Sciences Experience Survey of nearly 1,800 people in the US reveals how the healthcare experience is changing.

The ultimate healthcare experience: Global Report

Our 2021 Health and Life Sciences Global Experience Survey of nearly 12,000 people in 14 countries reveals what makes a great healthcare experience.

Increasing equitable health outcomes for everyone

Case studies

Improving the public insurance experience

Learn how a public insurer in Europe overhauled its core IT systems to provide better...

Sterling Silver Club shines for older adults

Together with Accenture, Renown Health’s Sterling Silver Club loyalty program delivers health, personal, social and lifestyle enhancement activities.

A healthy move to the cloud

With Accenture, NHS migrated 2.1 million employee mailboxes to the cloud as part of a transformational journey to reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

What we think

Reinvention to address the clinician shortage

How combining the power of technology and human ingenuity can help patients and healthcare workers and foster an ability to adapt to change.

Leading healthcare from the heart

Accenture talked to Texas Health’s Kathi Cox about the importance of considering the consumer at every step of the health journey.

Focusing on what matters most in healthcare: People

Accenture talked to Rick Evans, chief experience officer at NewYork-Presbyterian, about how he is helping to bring greater humanity to patient experience.

Our experts

Jean-Pierre Stephan

Managing Director – Consulting, Health Customer Engagement Lead, North America

Brian Kalis

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Lead, Health