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Intelligent Network Operations

Transform into the Telco of the future

How we can help

Advisory services

Ranging from strategy and planning, to Service Transformation Office, advisory services focus on unlocking and realizing full value from current operations, improving customer experience through NPS and service KPIs, and reducing costs by up to 30%.

Multispeed technologies and operations

Optimize provisioning and maintenance processes, while evolving your architecture into lean digital operations. Using a command center for B2B/B2C services and implementing self-care and AI solutions, typical outcomes include an increase in remote resolution and reduction in installation/repair time and back office workload.

Connected digital worker

Increase process efficiency and service quality. A one-stop-shop solution for Digital Field Workforce integrates cutting-edge technologies with crowdsourcing platforms, while enabling real-time collaboration. Typical outcomes include a reduction in handling time, work processes (simpler) and onboarding time.

AI-driven assurance

Anchor intelligent data-driven operations around the customer. Using a mixed workforce of humans, robots and AI, our services include design of technology blueprints to support implementation and evolution of solutions. Typical outcomes include reduced operating costs, improved customer experience and accelerated adoption of new technologies.


Leverage analytics capabilities to support a new digital services operation model. Our services range from transformation program design, framework provisioning to engage employees, to defining use cases and providing analytics factory services. Results include improved customer experience, operational efficiency and reduced operating costs.