Migrate to Microsoft Azure—with confidence. Now.

Through our unmatched partnership with Microsoft, your business can be sure to take the right approach to unlock the full promise of the cloud, fast.

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An urgent business imperative

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the workplace. Simply put, it’s an imperative that organizations get to the cloud. Now. To outmaneuver uncertainty today and adapt as your business changes in the future.

For more than 20 years, Accenture and Microsoft have scaled migrations with unmatched speed and expertise for thousands of clients. We can accelerate your migration to the Azure cloud, unlocking the resilience and flexibility to remain competitive in today’s uncertain business environment. And we’re a partner for long-term innovation, helping you achieve sustainable growth by tapping into new levels of automation and intelligent insights at scale.

Through the combined Azure expertise of Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade (our unique joint venture that is a leader in Microsoft innovation), we empower you to define outcomes and use cases particular to your industry and your organization, putting you on the path to run your business in an entirely new way.

Migrating to the cloud: A business imperative

Migrating to the cloud - A business imperative

Migrating to the cloud – Client Success

Client success

Cloud: Data modernization and sustainability

Data modernization and sustainability

"Accenture’s deep expertise in leading on SAP and other application migrations to Microsoft Azure means that Exxaro will benefit from a more secure, scalable and agile operating environment that is more cost effective than standing up a new on-premises data centre."

— Desmond Govender, Group Manager – Information Management, Exxaro

Partnering to accelerate Azure migrations

Avanade is a unique joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft that has delivered Microsoft innovation for over 20 years. Avanade is key to how we help companies transform with confidence: through faster migrations and ongoing innovation.

To the cloud. With confidence. Now.

Simply put, our partnership accelerates your migration to the Azure cloud. But we do it without compromising on security—and with an eye to lessening your environmental impact—giving you peace of mind throughout your transformation.


The myWizard integrated automation platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Movere tool to accelerate migration at scale.


Azure is not only a greener cloud—running on 100% renewable energy—but is up to 98% more carbon efficient than a traditional, on-premises datacenter.

More secure

Azure has built-in security and compliance that meets global standards, along with support from Accenture’s 2,200+ dedicated security professionals.

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Your cloud on Azure

Migration to Azure unlocks trapped value and transforms your core business


Realize up to 30% reduction in IT spend.


Benefit from over 50% reduction in time to market.


Achieve over 20% increase in employee productivity.

Do more with your data

Once you migrate, then you can tap into your data to accelerate the transformation of your business.

Optimize your core data

With Azure, your datasets are managed and optimized to feed into analytics and machine learning that derive real business value from your data.

Empower all your decision-makers

Making data more widely accessible leads to insights that benefit the customer, speed your supply chain and improve how your people do their jobs.

Unlock new business models

Modernizing your data allows you to innovate new products and services, and bring them to market faster.

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Committed to innovating in Azure

Over our decades of partnership with Microsoft, we have made a substantial commitment to furthering Microsoft innovation to deliver the most value for our clients, gaining valuable experience that informs every aspect of our cloud migration approach.


We have helped more than 34,000 clients in 68 countries with their cloud migrations, including more than 80% of the global Fortune 100.


Microsoft Certifications and 37,000+ certifications on Azure.


We are proud to be a 15-time Microsoft Global SI Partner of the Year, the most of any partner.

Case studies

YPF built a data-driven, digital foundation to automate and optimize transportation logistics and supply customers.

How a collaboration among Accenture, Microsoft and SAP to evolve our enterprise system is helping to drive insight, agility and efficiency.

DuPont moved production quality systems to the Azure cloud, improving operations and reducing costs.

Corteva migrated its laboratory systems to the Azure cloud, streamlining data and scalability.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) future-proofs its critical insurance and claims services.

Pandora polishes digital experience by migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Accenture helps Carlsberg transition to the cloud to become an agile enterprise.

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Discover insights from our leaders on the clear business advantages and benefits of partnering with Accenture and Microsoft to help your organization migrate to the Azure cloud with speed, precision and confidence.

A unique partnership for migrating to the cloud

Accenture and Microsoft have solidified their relationship through Avanade, a unique joint venture improving service delivery for clients moving to Azure.

Cloud migration: transforming more than technology

People are the center of any successful cloud transformation. Empowering your people is where you see true value of running your businesses in the cloud.

Meaningful transformation, powered by Azure

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Cloud Ascent: How to maximize value

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