Blockchain for social impact

Technologies like blockchain open a world of opportunity for positive social impact. We are inspired every day by our collaborations with enterprises, governments and NGOs that make this a more inclusive, fair and sustainable world. Because when the world is a stakeholder, how you grow matters.

Our commitment

"Leading companies have seen this increasingly strong connection between trust and growth and are looking to advance their businesses in ways that not only meet their business goals, but also benefits people, communities and citizens."

— Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer – Accenture

Enter: The red string

An ancient East Asian legend foretells how an invisible red string of fate ties us to people we are destined to meet. We loved this idea that whether we realize it or not fate connects us to people around the world we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Today, blockchain acts as a virtual thread, removing anonymity throughout the global supply chain and connecting us all. This inspiring technology can root out corruption and empower more people to participate in an ethics economy.

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Blockchain: the Red String

Accenture's video reveals we now have a trusted, secure connection with producers all around the world with blockchain. See more.

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Positive impact across industries

We are dedicated to helping clients discover the best solutions to meet today’s global challenges. Organizations around the world are building multiparty systems that leverage blockchain technology to change the lives of millions for the better.

Akshaya Patra million meals program

Providing midday meals to millions of school kids in India by combining blockchain with AI and IoT. Read more.

BetterPlace SafeDrive App

Building rideshare passenger trust by using a blockchain-based digital identity to match drivers to vehicles.

DHL Serialization for Pharmaceutical safety

Revealing blockchain’s potential to eliminate counterfeit drugs from the pharmaceutical supply chain. Read more.

KfW TruBudget donor tracking

Pioneering blockchain solutions to aid developing countries and regain trust with a tamper-evident digital trail that tracks the impact of donor funds. Read more.

Sustainable garment Supply Chain with GIZ

Enhancing the social, environmental and economic performance of garment supply chains in an award-winning study with GIZ in Germany. Read more.

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Addressing challenges of provenance, authenticity, traceability, and how to provide small producers with an equitable seat at the fair-trade table. Read more.

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Innovate with us

These innovations may inspire new ways to address societal challenges using emerging technologies. We encourage you to reach out, share your project ideas, ask questions and get more information about how to harness the power of blockchain for good.

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