Retail Payments

We collaborate in delivering the next level of retail payments customer experience, helping providers drive brand value and economic uplift.

Retail Payments capabilities

Our work assists banks in making truly transformational change in their retail payments experience, from novel market segmentation to innovative new services.

Create strategy

Devising the right strategy to generate new revenue is complex. We help banks decide what to offer, to whom, how and at what price.

Design and define pathways

Our people and methods work to design fast, seamless and personal payments experiences, enabled by flexible IT.

Develop services

Banks trust us to build, test and run modern retail payments solutions that allow tailored customer interactions, such as loyalty programs.

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From transactions to experiences

With slowing growth, a quickening trend toward commodity transactions, and billions in revenue being threatened by new competitors, incumbent retail payments leaders face decision points of no return. Those that adopt a data-centered business model, powered by open and flexible technologies, to transform their retail-payments customer experience will deliver new value-added services in ways that keep them relevant and protect their market positions. Those that don’t may very well be relegated to a utility position, providing back-end transactional services.

We work with payments leaders to effectively shift their customer value proposition from transactions to experiences.

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Accenture and Women in Payments

Be inspired by women making waves in payments

What we think

New Accenture research highlights how payments leaders outgrow the competition in the face of disruption and evolving customer needs. 

As Open Banking apps, initiatives and APIs gather momentum, a new Accenture report details how banks can lead in the open data economy.

This report lays out the hurdles banks must clear on their migration to ISO 20022.

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