Auto Finance

Accenture can help banks and automotive captive finance companies go fully digital to meet the needs of customers and dealers—without the bumpy ride.

Auto Finance capabilities

We offer solutions to help our clients digitize their auto finance business, enabling real-time decisions, reducing costs and increasing market share.

Loan servicing & sub-servicing

Reduce costs and enhance capabilities by transitioning your back office with Accenture.

Digital originations

Enable efficient originations via a multichannel, self-service experience that links the manufacturer, dealer and captive/bank together.

Core platform integration

Boost efficiency and agility by replacing legacy platforms with modern IT—analytics, digital, robotic process automation and leading-edge tools.

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Welcome to the future of auto financing

The auto industry has a rich history of innovation, but many auto finance players still operate with antiquated legacy processes developed decades ago.

In the digital economy, a cumbersome sales experience will fail with customers who have come to expect frictionless, omnichannel buying experiences. To be competitive, auto finance companies must equip themselves for the road ahead.

Auto Finance, a part of Accenture Specialty Finance, works with lenders to help them shift to a fully digital, tightly integrated process—from start to finish—using advanced data analytics that support a custom leasing and lending experience.

What we think

Cameron explains how auto lenders and dealers can upgrade their business models to win in the digital economy.

Explore the trends that will drive change in the auto finance industry in 2019.

Reshaping the role of the back office is essential to success in the changing digital economy.

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Case studies

See how digital customer experience can work in perfect harmony with the dealership experience.

We partnered with Visa to envision a future in which your car could be your credit card.

The digital platform allows automated, risk-based pricing, resulting in cost reductions of 25 percent.

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