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One connected supply chain. One big move forward.

January 31, 2022 2-MINUTE READ

In brief

Time to move the supply chain off life support

Multiparty collaboration. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Accenture's One Connected Supply Chain vision enables the move from a linear supply chain to collaborative, many-to-many networks by leveraging blockchain and multiparty systems.

Optimize operations with trusted information

And easily meet tough ESG requirements around carbon, waste, ethical labor and finance.

Mitigate vendor lock in

Through open standards and integration with systems of record.

Cut risk

By strengthening security, privacy and participant identity.

Drive process automation

Across parties, instead of within them.

Consign reconciliation to history

Reducing opportunities for data to fall out of synch.

Converging data: product, transactions, and finance


The value of the global counterfeit market


Locked in disputes between logistics providers and customers


Average mismatch or fallout from typical 'three-way match'


In unmet trade financing needs

All together now: One Connected Supply Chain

It's time to act as one

About the Authors

Pooja Sanghvi

Supply Chain and Trade Finance Lead – Blockchain & Multiparty Systems

Melanie Cutlan

Managing Director – Blockchain MPS Co-Lead


Global Technology & Innovation Lead Accenture Procurement Business Process Services