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Cloud data migration

June 29, 2021


In brief

Infrastructure is elastic and available on demand

Faster data query performance, reduced future infrastructure investments, greater business agility, and overall lower total cost of ownership.

Data center management by cloud provider

Concentrate your investments in more strategic, value-generating skillsets, people who can analyze and get insights from data, not just maintain it.

End-to-end strategic architecture

Manage data strategically, optimize costs, and increase business reusability dramatically by eliminating data siloes and converging all data platforms.

Cloud First continuously updated technologies

Start building your future technology state today, rationalize expenditure by shifting to cloud solutions that support future business capabilities.

Teresa Tung

Co-Lead – Data Practice

Teresa leads the incubation and scaling of technologies in the cloud like edge, data mesh and heterogeneous infrastructure.

Prateek Peres-da-Silva


Prateek is a leader in Intelligent Data & AI Platform strategy and build, focused on realizing and scaling business value at the intersection of business strategy, user experience, data, AI and technology.

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