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Why data & analytics needs a multi-speed approach

November 18, 2021


In brief

Every business is a data business

How are enterprises managing data & analytics today?

The solution? Operate at multi-speed

By creating a middle layer in their organization—such as a Rapid Insights Lab (or “RIL”)—enterprises can chart a path between top-down strategy and bottom-up agility, and make better decisions with data.

How to get started with rapid insights?


Consider both your organization’s current data maturity and type of data science problems you want to solve.


A balanced and appropriate mix of technical and business domain skills is key.


The RIL should be able to scale operations up and down as needed.


A delivery platform will eventually be needed to enable rapid prototyping and spin up new features on demand.


The RIL stays true to its original mission by transferring out proven prototypes for scaling up.

Time to shift gears to multi-speed

About the authors

Jeff Kaminski

Head of Strategy – Northeast, Applied Intelligence

Tom Johnstone

Lead – Data & AI, North America

Joe Depa

Lead – Data & AI, Strategy & Consulting

Chad Vaske

Senior Manager – Analytics Strategy, Applied Intelligence