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Gain competitive advantage through innovative operating models

Transform your traditional business model into a digital one, with strategies, offers, products and experiences as-a-Service.

Why as-a-Service matters


of high tech executives do not provide customers with multi-year product or as-a-Service subscriptions


of high tech executives say they’ve accelerated their business’s reinvention strategy because of shifting consumer preferences for smart devices and edge computing apps


of high tech companies have increased their cloud initiatives in the past two years

What you can do

Invest in a powerful cloud infrastructure to streamline processes, enhance data visibility and transition to recurring revenue models. By leveraging cloud technology, companies can automate tasks, gain real-time insights and scale their operations.

Transition from hardware-centric sales to a solution-focused approach. Emphasize the value of ongoing subscriptions or usagebased pricing models to tap into the potential of recurring revenue and long-term client relationships.

Rethink the way sales teams are incentivized and evaluated by placing greater importance on metrics that reflect customer satisfaction and long-term value. By doing so, sales teams can drive sustainable growth within the AaS model.

Invest in a scalable cloud solution that can strengthen your infrastructure to handle increased data volume and user traffic. By doing so, companies can maximize the value of the AaS business model.

Utilize data analytics to gain customer insights, enabling cross-selling and upselling across hardware, software, and services to shift from product-centric to solution-centric offerings in an evolving landscape.