Radisson Hotel Group’s success isn’t just about being the hotel of choice for travelers: They also need to be the hotel of choice for owners and franchisees.

As with travelers, owners’ and franchisees’ expectations have been raised by digital innovators and the seamless experiences they provide. To differentiate their brands, Radisson collaborated with Accenture on a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform, built on Salesforce, that makes it easier to do business with owners and franchisees in real time.

Digitally enabled operations

Opening and running a hotel requires many conversations and document exchanges between Radisson and the owner/franchisee.

Often Radisson’s business development and operational processes were slow, varied significantly from country to country, and used tools, like Excel, that offered little security and reusability across teams.

Radisson knew there was a better way to improve business operations for franchisees, owners and the company’s executives alike. Standardized tools and information on the go would help all participants apply for, open and operate Radisson properties smoothly, quickly and at a lower cost.

And so, Radisson worked with Accenture to standardize, digitize and automate their global sales and franchisee operations so they could deliver a five-star experience for users, as well as the guests they serve.

Strategy and solution

Accenture helped Radisson bolster business operations by building out new processes, a scalable digital CRM platform and app. The new system improves the existing infrastructure and consolidates all owner and franchisee touchpoints onto a single system.

Standardization and alignment

Development, legal, operations and global sales processes were standardized and aligned to the new Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Streamlined processes

The team consolidated processes and data from these business functions onto the platform.

One portal for owners and franchisees

A new portal helps owners and franchisees manage their properties, from onboarding and beyond.

Integration with three third-party solutions

We integrated solutions to manage business processes, enabling electronic signatures, project management workflows and automated document generation.

Global rollout

We rolled out the cloud-based platform and mobile app to more than 1,000 Radisson properties globally.

Continuous delivery

The solution was delivered within 10 months across four major releases, demonstrating our ability to continuously deliver value at scale and speed.

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Conducting business in real time

With a portal interface, franchisees and owners can access their property information, documents, onboarding activities, action items and more to complete day-to-day tasks on the go. They can also track a property’s performance, like occupancy rates and revenue per available room. Checklists and detailed work plans help manage hotel openings, improvement activities and site visits.

Business development executives use the new system as their primary tool to manage leads and track opportunities for prospective hotels. Standard legal templates in the system mean they can be populated with data specific to an owner or property at the click of a button. It also helps them manage sales and queries for meetings and events in one place.


Radisson is digitally powering their core business, from managing the owner and franchisee experience to generating meeting and event revenue for Radisson properties. The solution and real-time insights are helping Radisson become more productive and efficient.

Lower costs

Lower overall administrative costs in doing business.

Streamlined processes

Consistently and rapidly close deals for new or renewed properties in a more streamlined manner.

Shorter time to market

Go to market faster for meeting and event sales.

Greater visibility

Drive greater visibility and accountability for business development and sales teams to support decision-making.

Consistent contact

More consistently interface with franchisees, owners and customers and maintain brand standards to ensure superior brand experience and foster loyalty.

More effective analysis

Standardize the way they categorize opportunities across the globe, allowing leadership to more effectively analyze the pipeline.

Single sales process

Improve operations through a single sales process, better reporting and team incentivization.

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Unlocking more opportunities than ever

Owners and franchisees now have personalized information at their fingertips via any channel. Processes that took weeks to complete now take days.

With this foundation in place, Radisson can explore more complex and high-value initiatives, like advanced analytics, in the future. Radisson’s owners and franchisees now have digital tools to grow their businesses.

The brand of choice

The easier administration, operational insights and lower costs offered by the platform are helping to make Radisson brands the hotels of choice for owners and franchisees.


The portal provides a more compelling, personalized experience for owners and franchisees.


Transparent global sales and owner management processes build trust.


Automation decreases the time needed to draft legal documents and execute agreements.

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