Discovery Networks International operates 100 channel websites, 50 premium online video services, 50 online sports destinations, 60 YouTube channels and 300 social touchpoints. Transforming these into the seamless digital experiences that all consumers increasingly expect is both critical for its future as a digital broadcaster and extremely challenging.

Digital content creation and distribution at scale – and at the highest quality standards – were foundational for Discovery Networks International’s vision. But relatively small teams in each territory meant the business needed a collaborative global partner that understood the digital transformation ahead and had the complete range of expertise and capabilities required to support every step of the journey.

What Accenture did

Discovery Networks International asked Accenture help create a unified global digital platform – internally named Fusion– driving a robust, scalable solution for its digital content, with a focus on video. The platform needed to provide the most exciting, engrossing, simple and beautiful way possible for consumers to engage with Discovery Networks International’s incredible range of content, covering everything from live streaming to mobile applications.

To achieve maximum flexibility and responsiveness cost effectively, Accenture migrated all sites and content to the Cloud. Easy to use tools for editing and content creation, along with extensive automation, enables Discovery Networks International’s global teams to publish and update huge volumes of content around the clock. And Accenture has put in place specialist teams in Riga, London and New York to harness the power of digital and make sure the business continues to develop and deliver new ways for customers to connect.

"To achieve our goals for digital we need to work with a true collaborative partner that understands the journey we are on and brings a commitment to innovation and delivery that can take us where we want to go."

— Dave Schafer, Senior Vice President – International Digital Media at Discovery Networks International

People and culture

Accenture worked closely with Discovery Networks International to deliver a seamless viewing experience, developing the platform for use by more than 100 editors, bringing innovation at scale to achieve a goal of responsive, flexible, agile and cost effective digital capabilities—from a single platform—across all its international markets and channels. Accenture currently supports 67 websites (55 on Fusion) and nine mobile apps for Discovery Networks International. These cover 27 countries and 20 languages. As of April 2014, there were 17 new services in development. During a typical month, the websites that Accenture operates are used by 12 million people who consume, on average, a collective 20 million video streams.

Value delivered

Fusion enables Discovery’s international arm to roll out new launches, promotions and special events without requiring intensive technical effort, increasing the speed of new launches to one a week from one per quarter before Fusion.

Fusion enables viewers to interact and share their own content though full integration of social media. Integrated analytics in the platform give Discovery Networks International invaluable insights into consumer behavior and preferences – essential to keep digital services and content relevant and appealing.

Discovery Network International’s online audiences have leaped dramatically, reaching in Q4 2014 73 million visitors each month –an increase of more than 700% year-on-year. As well as transforming the digital services and content offered to consumers today, Fusion is also built with tomorrow’s digital world in mind and will support Discovery Networks International as it rolls out new services and continues on its digital journey to the future.

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