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Accenture's global workforce is highly mobile, often performing work remotely on multiple types of company-issued and personal mobile devices. Our people need to work seamlessly with their devices at client sites, with Accenture colleagues around the world, and on the go. The use of mobile devices requires Accenture to keep company-related information secure on those devices with a mobile application management (MAM) or mobile device management (MDM) solution. When Microsoft released Intune several years ago, Accenture realized the product offered new capabilities designed to improve the user experience.

When tech meets human ingenuity

An evaluation of Microsoft Intune led our global IT organization to decide to migrate from Accenture's legacy solution to Intune. One key factor was that in addition to traditional MDM features, Intune also offered MAM. MDM places an agent on a mobile phone and manages the phone, enforcing encryption and use of a PIN. MAM, on the other hand, provides secure use of mobile applications without requiring full device control.

Initially, MDM was further developed than MAM, and was the first solution Accenture adopted along with enhancement. For MDM, our global IT organization collaborated with Microsoft to develop additional features Accenture needed before migrating approximately 110,000 registered devices at the time from the legacy MDM solution to Intune. Many employees, however, were reluctant to adopt the solution due to a number of misconceptions about what companies monitor with MDM solutions. Three years later, the adoption rate remained relatively low at 140,000 personal devices.

During this time, Microsoft continued to develop its MAM solution. Accenture, among other partners, collaborated on the features and functionalities that a large enterprise like Accenture needs. Our global IT team appreciated that Intune MAM offers seamless integration with Accenture's suite of Microsoft productivity tools; enables secure access to many Accenture mobile applications without requiring root-level access; and includes a separate mobile application catalog that does not require device enrollment to access it.

Our global IT team hoped that these advantages would also address a population of employees concerned about broad company access to personally owned devices. We knew we needed a new solution that removed the misunderstanding that Accenture could or would be looking at the daily activity of our workforce and that offered immediate mobile productivity benefits.

That solution was a combination of Intune MAM, which allows employees to access company applications without fully enrolling in mobile device management, and providing seamless, helpful mobile apps for our people enabling them to work from wherever they are. Mobile apps like Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams, were a selling point for our people to adopt Intune MAM. Outlook and Teams work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and MAM is enabled out of the box.

Human + results

Accenture deployed Intune MAM in early 2020. Within two months, without a formal launch, 50,000 devices were enrolled. This early, rapid adoption confirmed that a feature-rich solution for keeping company-related information secure without requiring full device control was the answer. This approach helps our mobile workforce better collaborate and be productive. It also helps enable an elastic digital workplace.

Accenture employee feedback has been positive. Employees can check Accenture email, calendar and contacts on the go. They can chat with colleagues via Microsoft Teams or join conference calls using Teams as well. Employees can reserve office space and report time and expenses using new and enhanced apps. They can also download and watch videos from Accenture's Media Exchange with another app.

"The seamless integration with Outlook mobile and other Microsoft 365 applications was the game changer."

— Tony Leraris, Managing Director – Global IT, Live Technology Services and Support

A valuable difference

The combination of the Intune MAM capability and Microsoft 365 integration expands Accenture's connected device base by approximately 270,000 registered devices. The launch of Outlook mobile at the same time along with internal communications efforts to assure employees that their activities on personal devices were not being monitored were major contributing factors to the increased adoption.

Providing an integrated and seamless way of working for our employees is part of Accenture's broader digital worker strategy that focuses on enhancing the employee experience. Accenture saw this come into play when the COVID-19 pandemic set in. Employees were able to easily adopt the Intune MAM with Microsoft 365 integration capability because it was already in place—when they needed it, it was there. Going forward, Accenture continues to collaborate with Microsoft on the MAM product, particularly on enhancing the user experience.

Outcomes included:

Accenture devices registered in Intune MAM

Increase in enrollment in both Intune MAM and MDM

Of Accenture employees now collaborate via mobile devices

The capabilities of Intune MAM + integration with Microsoft 365 apps are improving the Accenture mobile experience for our people:

Enhanced usability

Enables a PC-like experience with Microsoft Outlook, including the ability to link to calendar, Teams and SharePoint; biometric technology an option.

Integrated experience

Provides a more integrated mobile worker experience, and integrates with Accenture's suite of productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams.

New application catalog experience

Provides an application catalog experience that is visual, easy to use and continues to improve.

Simplified mobile application access

Includes mobile application management (MAM) that provides application access without full device enrollment in mobile device management (MDM).

Seamless security

Facilitates reading of encrypted emails due to native, seamless security between Microsoft rights management and Outlook mobile.

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