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Becoming a sustainable travel company

Water Roadmap for Travel and Tourism

The future of water conservation and resilience

Sustainability is the road to recovery

A sustainable recovery for travel companies

How can aviation and hospitality companies get back to growth more than ever? Take a look at our Sustainability DNA model.

Why sustainability matters to travel companies


A survey of more than 25,000 people globally found that 59% of respondents said they would switch to a travel provider that promotes sustainability.

Cost savings

Sustainable business operations, including using less resources and smarter supply chains, save money.

Risk mitigation

Regulations are getting stricter and being implemented at a faster pace. Travel companies that implement sustainability practices now minimize risk.

Access to funding

Investors put sustainability at the center of their decisions, so companies without clear sustainability plans risk losing access to capital.

Brand reputation

Positive sustainability actions result in positive brand reputation. Social media can build or destroy a company‘s reputation in minutes.

Workforce retention

Hiring and retaining employees in the travel industry is a challenge. Employees want to work for companies that protect the planet.

How we can help

Pathway to net zero

It is a challenge to meet net zero carbon targets. We can help travel companies develop net-zero, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and offsetting strategies to achieve this goal.

Sustainable technologies

Technology is a real sustainability vehicle, and we can advise: From green cloud and responsible AI to propulsion or direct-air-capture technologies. Read more.

Responsible, circular value and supply chains

Circular value chains are more sustainable. We show how companies can develop trusted value chains, eliminate waste, and use renewable energy and SAF.

Sustainable measurement and impact

We have the tools, technologies and methodologies to measure the impact of your program and share relevant metrics with your stakeholders.

Leadership development, talent and organization

In the post-pandemic competition for talent, employees prefer sustainable workplaces. Our insights will help you gain the support of all employees.

Sustainable brand, design and customer experience

Both leisure and business travelers demand action to save the planet. We’ll explain how to communicate your sustainability commitments to customers.

Bringing sustainability to life


Proposing a new Target Framework for the Travel & Tourism Sector

Sustainability, transparency and trust

In the media

Our leaders

Dr. Jesko-Philipp Neuenburg

Managing Director – Global Travel & Aviation Sustainability Lead

Philipp Möller

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Travel

David Walfisch

Principal Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel

Natalie Nehme

Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Travel