SAP solutions on cloud

Migrate to the cloud with significant savings and the confidence only Accenture—with over 125 SAP clients on public cloud—can provide.


Move to the cloud and gain value faster

To the cloud. With confidence. Now.

Capitalize on the expertise of the industry leader in SAP services and cloud. And rest easy with the confidence that comes with Accenture’s #1 standing with three of the world’s leading cloud hyperscalers - Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google. Rated a Leader in SAP services by industry analysts including Forrester, Gartner and IDC, Accenture has already helped over 125 SAP clients move to the public cloud. Whether it’s a technical migration, a conversion to SAP S/4HANA, or cloud strategy, Accenture helps you migrate swiftly, safely and securely.

Harness the power of the cloud hyperscalers

Make the most of Accenture’s status as the #1 provider for the leading cloud hyperscalers: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google. When you partner with Accenture, expect significant speed-to-value and access to innovation for future success.

Microsoft Azure

Combining the best of Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft and SAP to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive new business outcomes. Read more.

Amazon Web Services

Innovating to deliver new levels of business value through cloud-enabled technologies and architectures. Read more.

Google Cloud Platform

Working together to deliver superior experiences and accelerate digital transformation. Read more.

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Why we work with hyperscalers

Accenture works closely with the leading cloud hyperscalers. What does this mean for you? More innovation and better delivery while moving to the cloud.

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SAP solutions on Azure with Accenture

Accelerating Enterprise Journey to AWS

SAP solutions on AWS with Accenture

Accenture Google Cloud

SAP solutions on GCP with Accenture

Move quickly. Work easily.

Navigate the complex cloud landscape easily with our proprietary transformation platforms myNav and myWizard. Move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud quickly and confidently with our automation and orchestration toolkit.

Taking SAP applications to the cloud introduces a step change in performance and efficiency. To help ensure the journey is a success, Accenture myNav enables businesses to define the strategy and map out the architecture. Automation, meanwhile, helps migrate workloads with speed and precision. So you can move to the cloud with confidence and continue to accelerate and innovate.

With myWizard, you can infuse intelligence into systems and applications across the software development lifecycle to make your business more efficient and adaptable while delivering greater value from IT and automation technology investments.

Measurable business impact

Reduce cost

  • 20-50% lower total cost of ownership
  • 10-15% reduced SAP project costs
  • Migration costs can be as low as zero

Faster transition

  • Advanced CloudSuite automation and orchestration toolkit
  • Quick, efficient transition from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud

More sustainable:

  • Sustainable cloud migrations
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure as-a-Service, architecture and engineering

Advanced capabilities

  • Only hours to provision with right-sized and auto-scaling capacity
  • Standard, non-complex business continuity solution

Speed up innovations

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Technology Vision 2021 for SAP Solutions

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