Embrace an ethical, sustainable business culture

Drive business value with human values into your core values through inclusion, diversity and equity.

Using tech for good

Change begins with awareness. Progress is made through accountability. Leading the way in their industries, socially responsible businesses are launching various strategic initiatives to address the complex issue of systemic racism and inequities that persist in today’s workplace. They realize that focusing on inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) is not only the right thing to do, but it is also good for business and vital to creating a sustainable future. While today’s business leaders understand the need for action, they’re often challenged with how to progress ID&E goals.

To embrace an ethical, sustainable business culture and unlock greater business value, you have to foster inclusivity and celebrate provocative thinking and continuous innovation through diversity. Building on the belief that diversity is strength and talent has many faces, we created the Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience (AWARE), a first-of-a-kind human capital management (HCM) solution.


Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience

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Where does your organization stand?

Many organizations today need a reality check when it comes to ID&E. Accenture as well as third-party research shows organizations may benefit from improved transparency and accountability in implementing their initiatives:


only of employees surveyed feel they can be themselves, raise concerns and innovate without fear of failure compared to 68 percent of leaders who feel they create empowering environments. 1


only of employees surveyed across all races believe their organizations have successfully implemented effective diversity and inclusion program initiatives. 2


of employees surveyed on organizational barriers did not accept or pursue a job due to a lack of inclusion that they perceived in the workplace. 3

Move from awareness to action

Innovated by Accenture using Oracle Analytics Cloud technology, AWARE provides the data and tools to understand your current workplace realities and then set goals, measure gaps and help your organization become active, accountable participants in creating their future.

Compatible with Oracle Cloud and other major HCM solutions, the tool provides discovery, comparative and predictive analytics for transparency and accountability across all HR data. AWARE can provide an ID&E lens during the design of a cloud HCM system or a standalone assessment.

Wherever your change journey begins, Accenture can meet you there. We can help your organization set and progress ID&E goals at any stage of the journey. To drive impactful outcomes, we provide a strategic approach backed by extensive technology transformation experience across a range of industries with deep skills for leveraging Oracle technologies in HCM cloud solution implementations. Together, we can accelerate your path to change.

Progress goals to outcomes

AWARE is designed to empower businesses across all industries and public service organizations with data-driven insights for ID&E optimization. With AWARE, your organization can leverage comprehensive analytics to:


Understand what your organization looks like today by career level, job function, location, recruiting, compensation, attrition and more.


Gain a view of how your organization compares based on benchmarks by location, industry and public service organizations, and competitors relative to census data.


Look at discovery and comparative data trends to forecast when you can expect to reach your ID&E goals.

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