We design experiences to improve people’s lives

Human centered design experience

At Accenture Interactive we help our clients achieve growth and deliver purposeful experiences holistically, with the entirety of the business by putting people at the heart.
Bringing together 2,000 design legends, brilliant strategists and innovative brains from across the globe, we have one mission: to make people's lives better and drive sustainable growth for our clients. By combining our capabilities in one place, we're able to completely reimagine and optimize experiences across industries, value propositions, operating models, products and services. We encourage our clients to question the experience of their brand from the inside out. Whether it’s considering where they can grow next, what operating models they should use or how their products and services feel to customers and employees.

We believe finding the right
answers, starts with asking the right questions.

Growth by design

How do I find new ways to grow?

Our people work with you to determine robust and sustainable growth opportunities. We start with your natural advantages and unique selling points and align them with people's emerging needs. We then establish internal incubation models and pursue external ventures to help you build a repeatable and scalable business model. Our teams will also help you escape pilot purgatory and gain market traction, moving you from proof of concept to proof of value, at scale.
We help our clients deliver meaningful growth through:
Growth strategy
We assess your natural advantages alongside the market context to determine new paths to growth.

Venturing & incubation
We create the right structure, capabilities, team and governance models to get pilots off the ground.

Market traction
We look at the customer, competition, cost and culture to determine the best ways to scale your proposition.

Experience by design

How can I provide a consistent and human experience?

We've established a complete service for transforming people's experience of your organization, by creating products and services that people love. We design holistic experience architectures that resonate and grow with participants, supporting brand values across a wide variety of touchpoints. We help you delight your customers by envisioning, defining and designing extraordinary physical and digital products and services. By designing and creating connected, intelligent, adaptable spaces, we're reimagining and reinventing how people live, work, shop and play.
We help our clients design a business of experience:
Experience strategy
We work side-by-side with our clients to make sure their experiences will come to life and drive change.

Products & service design
We envision, define and design interlocking digital and physical products and services that improve people’s lives.

Smart spaces
We craft connected physical spaces to drive change, disruption and commercial success.

Culture by design

How do I create an organization that’s relevant for both customers and employees?

We're designing future organizations by embedding innovation, agility and customer-centricity. We help you change your organization's vision, strategy and operating model through practical human insights, data and technology. So, you can rethink the employee experience as a means of driving sustainable market value and delivering on your brand purpose.
We help our clients build organizations that matter:
Human-centered organization
We help clients confront orthodoxies that limit growth potential — and amplify those that nurture a truly human-centered culture.

Employee experience
To help our clients achieve their goals, we deliver insightful and spectacular products and services that redefine the employee experience.
Together, we can help your organization drive positive change.

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