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Connected Mine


Sustainable mining for a better tomorrow

The industry is changing for the better


Priorities are to protect the workforce and community lives, secure livelihoods and the environment, and safeguard assets with cyber security


Climate change is driving the energy transition—reduced water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions—and the circular economy

Operational excellence

Achieve productivity and margin improvements by leveraging data, analytics and integrated autonomous operations


Changing demographics and human + machine = new ways of learning, working and, ultimately, increasing performance


All stakeholders are considered equal, with a marked increase in responsible investors and a focus on environment, social and governance (ESG) factors


83% of consumers believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design products that are meant to be reused or recycled*

Let’s push for intelligence everywhere

Connected Mine Solution

What’s the value?

Reduce incidents

Improve reporting and frontline interventions; Provide access to controlled documents; Predict risks before incidents happen

Improve decisions

Get reliable operational insights to the people who need them, when it matters—in a consumable format—to enable quick, well-informed decision making.

Improve efficiency

Automation and prioritization of actions, initiatives and resources; Increased tool time; Reduced travel time, re-work and overtime

Enhance performance

Immersive inductions and training; Cultural change; Human-centered processes and equipment; Technology supporting humans

Increase security

Assurance that business exposure is reduced and resilient to attacks

Improve satisfaction

Safer, better-skilled workforce with a sense of purpose; Focus on tasks that count; Reskilling and life-long learning

Case studies

Achieving sustainability through green cloud

A large mining company unlocked business-wide value and realized emissions reductions through a migration to the cloud.

Mining a competitive edge on Oracle Cloud

Coronado Global Resources streamlined operations by shifting its ERP, HCM and supply chain management to Oracle cloud.

Our leaders

Liv Carroll

Managing Director – Artificial Intelligence Natural Resources Lead

George Long

Managing Director – Lead, Natural Resources Industry X