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Best of 2021: Energy industry research and insights

"Energy companies are accelerating their plans to maintain profitability and relevance during the energy transition while helping alleviate energy insecurity. I’m pleased to share our insights developed in 2021 to help them on this critical journey."

— MUQSIT ASHRAF, Energy Industry Sector Lead

Reinventing the energy industry

Oil and gas 2030: Let there be change

Energy companies should replace long-standing orthodoxies with new behaviors and innovations.

Optimizing portfolios

Portfolio restructuring: Charting the future

An agile and deliberate approach to portfolio management for European energy majors.

Transitioning to a new energy future

Shoot for the stars (or the clouds)

Cloud can be an enabler for accelerating change for companies striving for a net-zero future.

Building resilience in energy

Re(de)fining resilience

Six actions refiners can take to unlock long-term competitive advantage.

Relevance and profitability for oil and gas

New pathways for upstream companies to create profitability in the future energy world.

Unlocking the power of talent and data

Designing tomorrow’s workforce today

Applied intelligence can help energy companies identify new talent pools inside their companies.

Enable your workforce to enable your future

Energy companies can learn from other industries on how to create an agile workforce environment.

Free your data to grow your business

The OSDUTM Data Platform is dismantling energy companies’ data silos.
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