What is artificial intelligence, really?

Understanding the basics of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and automation is the first step on any successful AI journey. Let’s start there.

AI 101

What is deep learning? Or intelligent automation? Or any number of AI-related technologies and applications that seem to be used more and more every day?

These videos tackle AI, analytics and automation topics one at a time, using simple analogies, clear definitions and practical applications—all in under a minute.

Let’s begin with Natural Language Processing (NLP)—a field of computer science that can help computers understand and generate human language—even with its contextual nuances.

More AI 101 topics

AI 101: Machine Learning

AI 101: Applied Intelligence

AI 101: Deep Learning

AI 101: Responsible AI

AI 101: Predictive Analytics

AI 101: Computer Vision

AI 101: Big Data Analytics

AI 101: Intelligent Automation

AI 101: Dark Data

ExplAIned: An AI guide for executives

What is AI? And, more importantly, what can it do for your business?

This guide is specifically geared towards executives. It highlights AI basics, trends, challenges and opportunities—and how it can deliver scaled impact when coupled with analytics and automation.

Our goal is to help you understand AI’s game-changing capabilities and how can they help you accelerate your business transformation.


AI to Z Glossary

Improve your fluency around topics like AI, automation and analytics.

Our glossary provides clear definitions and thorough explanations of the wide range of terms and concepts associated with AI and Applied Intelligence—from image recognition, to the Turing test, to quantum computing and beyond.


Case studies

Making intelligent automation a part of the story with an AI-powered digital assistant in the newsroom.

Real-time intelligence, smarter marketing, happier customers.

Powering a new kind of customer conversation with AI.

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