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Value untangled

Accelerating radical growth through interoperability
September 22, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

Interoperability: unity and agility for an unpredictable world

Interoperability Defined: Interoperability is when enterprise applications can easily interact with each other and exchange data.

Interoperability accelerates growth

Average revenue growth last FY (in %)

Interoperability has lasting value and is in reach

Barriers to interoperability

Three key actions for improving interoperability


Use cloud as the foundation for shared data and experiences across applications.

Composable Tech

Build repeatable solutions that can be configured and reconfigured quickly to solve changing business needs.


Focus on empowering employees with new digital skills, trusted collaboration and a shared definition of success.

Interoperability for total enterprise reinvention

About the Authors

Emma McGuigan

Global Lead – Enterprise & Industry Technologies

Jan van den Bremen

Lead – Technology, EMEA

Brian McKillips

Senior Managing Director Growth & Strategy Lead – Enterprise & Industry Technologies

Pradeep Roy

Principal Director—Accenture Research

Surya Mukherjee

Head of Technology Research – EMEA


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