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Green hydrogen energizing India’s ambitions

August 10, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Abundant and inexpensive renewable electricity and water supply.

Meeting demands by capacity building.

Developing a transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Fostering technology adoption and innovation to bring down the cost of hydrogen production.

Creating a detailed policy framework for green hydrogen production.

Providing necessary funding for manufacturing industrial green hydrogen.

Figure 2: Comparison of selected national green hydrogen targets, installed capacities and government announced investments, Accenture Research

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future


India's approximate demand  for hydrogen is expected by 2030 (1)


India is commitment to reduce the carbon intensity of the economy by 2030 (2)

100 GW

India's minimum requirement electrolyzers along with 100 GW of renewable generation capacity to achieve the production target of 5 MMTPA by 2030 (3)

Steps towards India’s energy-efficient future

Hari Shankaranarayanan

Managing Director, Lead – Energy, Accenture in India

Preeti Kaushal

Managing Director, Lead – Sustainability, Resources, Accenture in India

Ankesh Nagar

Business Strategy Consultant – Energy, Accenture in India


Areena Makker

Business Strategy Analyst – Energy, Accenture in India

Prakriti Dinesh

Business Strategy Analyst – Energy, Accenture in India

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